A Unified Drone Workflow,
So You Can Get Better Results

Control Tower's AI-powered app takes your business from planning, to flying, and onto 3D models, data analysis, & reports in minutes

Focus on the Job,
Not the Process

Whether you’re a new or expert pilot, the job’s the same: Get great results to a stakeholder in record-time. At every step, Control Tower handles the details so you get the success.

  1. Plan

    Check for Part 107 restrictions, streamline waiver requests, and manage your fleet.

  2. Fly

    On site, use Control Tower’s iPad app and get the best flight controls for each job.

  3. Impress

    Beautiful reports from data streamed to the cloud? It’s almost too easy.

Exceptional Tools, Fantastic Outcomes

Control Tower’s team has been working with drones for over a decade to build powerful tools that simply work.

AI Copilot

It’s not just flying. It’s flying with smarts. Our AI can help you fly, or fly on it’s own.

Inspect, Map Or Repeat Tasks

Your jobs can vary. Get the flexibility to fly free form, 1-tap maps, or repeatable tasks.

Part 107 Compliance

Easily check airspace restrictions and let our apps do the heavy lifting for you

Beautiful Reports

With a few clicks, share and give your clients reports that demonstrate your work.

No-Effort Flight Logs

Flights are automatically tracked and organized for you. No manual entry, no uploading files.

All in the Cloud

Hands-off photo syncing and 3D models. After you fly, the rest is done automatically.