Free Part 107 Study Guide

Control Tower’s interactive Part 107 Study Guide  guide helps you quickly, and easily, prepare for your Part 107 Remote Pilot exam. Before we made this guide, we found drone pilots were often:

  • Studying up to 20 hours to prepare for the exam
  • Confused by the technical approach in the material provided by the FAA, which assumed they had a background as a manned-aviation pilot
  • Lacked a way to practice taking the exam

With this feedback, we tore apart the entire Part 107 Remote Pilot curriculum and built a new study guide from the ground up for the commercial drone pilots we go to know in the real-world. Now? We have a 100% success rate with pilots who use our guide!

First, we organized the topics so each section gives you an idea of what you should be know and be able to answer after you finish the topic. We took special care to not assume you’re already familiar with pilot lingo, and to provide example questions that illustrate how the FAA has prepared the Part 107 exam.

Each section is followed up with quiz questions you might see on the test. Get a quiz question wrong? Don’t worry. The interactive guide provides immediate feedback, explaining the correct answer to save you time and frustration.

Topics covered in the Study Guide

  • Aviation Fundamentals
    • Position, Altitude and Direction
    • Aircraft Fundamentals
    • Airport Operations
    • Phonetic Alphabet & Callsigns
    • Radio Communication
  • Airspaces and Sectional Charts
    • Airspaces Overview
    • Sectional Chart Overview
    • Special Use Airspaces on Sectional Charts
    • Common Features on Sectional Charts
    • NOTAMs
  • Weather
    • Weather Reports & Forecasts
    • Types of Weather & Effects on Flying
  • Part 107 Regulations
  • Aircraft Performance
    • Aircraft Lift & Weight
    • Aircraft Balance
    • Stability
    • Load Factor & Stalls
    • Small Aircraft Performance
    • Density Altitude
  • Aeronautical Decision Making
    • Risk Management
    • Physiological Factors
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Aircraft Maintenance

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